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Date July 12-13, 2014  Page Kept By: Flat Stanley Clayton Morgan & A.E. Doyle

I am made of a canvas scrap from the sail loft at Mystic Seaport

We traveled to Provincetown and met yesterday’s voyagers

We boarded the Morgan and found a bunk in the fo’c’sle. Good night!

I felt right at home in the canvas “flying nun” when they took it in

I learned about lowering the boats.

We took the wheel!

We learned about experiments to measure drift at sea.

We signed the manifest.

I “tried” the try pots!

We climbed the rigging.

Can you find me among the signal flags?

We sailed and made a lot of new friends!


An amazing thing is that everyone on board loves the Morgan, but we come from everywhere and we have all kinds of special interests! * We all <3 the Charles W. Morgan!*

Aaron & Joee & Cassie are deckhands, and Ryan is a stowaway who blogs and posts videos!

Jake is a maritime academy student.

Bob is a writer and radio reporter.

Sean sails big ships with students

Craig runs the Marine Sanctuary.

Katharine and Rich are taking water samples all day.

..it was Susan’s idea to sail the Morgan!

Jim sails the ship, climbing and pulling lines.

Jim 2 is a historic role-player who makes barrels.

Cap and Sam pose for photos reluctantly.

Stephen helped the Morgan come to Provincetown.

When Susan 2 is not sailing, she is a textile expert.

Meera writes articles for magazines.

Steve is president at Mystic Seaport.

Jeff is a sailor who helped restore the Morgan.

Leila researches underwater sounds.


PS- Hope the glue holds the paper was hard to manage that way….

Please find enclosed 1 log page, double sided, plus a page of sketches if you’re interested. Plue, we have one donated artifact, Flat Stanley Clayton W. Morgan, who accompanied is on our travels and blogged about his experiences.

Thank you,

A.E. Doyle

7/13 Voyager