Log: July 11, 1912.

The CHARLES W. MORGAN was sailing on her 33rd voyage in the vicinity of the Seychelles, northeast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, under the command of Charles S. Church. The entry for the day states, “ This day comes in light S.S.W. Wind. Bark under all sail 6.a.m. raised a pod of small whales off lea beam. Lowered 5 boats whales going fast to Windward and Starbord struck Line parted whales went off to Windward. Saw large school on weather beam going fast to S.W. Came Board at 11 a.m. rest part day. Breking out shooks* and stowed down some oil about 30 bbls [barrels] 6 p.m. tacked ship going on the starboard tack by the wind Heading S.E. under all sail So ends this day.”


*Whaleships carried tremendous amounts of shooks, the shaped wooden pieces from which barrels are made, in bundles to save space. When barrels were needed after blubber was processed into oil, they were assembled by the cooper.