Log: July 15, 1866.

The CHARLES W. MORGAN was sailing on her 7th voyage under command of Captain Thomas Landers.  This entry is from a personal journal from First Mate Charles Chace , a native of Westport, CT.  Mr. Chace gives a very lengthy and detailed account of this day, due to the fact he had a strong verbal confrontation with Captain Landers over a miscommunication of orders. Chace states, “Capt [Landers] bellowed…get ready for starting the oil you knew just as well what we was agoing[a-going] to do as I did I told him that I then knew what to do when he says you mean goodfornthing[good for nothing] thing which so excited me that I used some pretty hard words to him said more than I had ought to have done he then compelled me from duty”

Challenging the Captain was a bold move for Chace, and was only one of several confrontations of this particular voyage between the Captain and crew.