Log: June 17, 1902

The CHARLES W. MORGAN, under Captain Thomas Scullun, was about half way through her 27th voyage which lasted only 11 months. Her entry for the day, “Come in with fresh breeze from East. BK steering North under all sail due the day we finish store down latter part we raised schools sperms whale lowered 5 boat chase for while 4 boat struck L.B.* 1 whale W.B. 1 B.B. 1 S.B. 1 took I along side before night so end. Lat. 37.01 N Long. 143.50 E

*L.B, W.B., B.B., S.B. refer to the boats that struck whales on this day. Larboard Boat, Waist Boat, Bow Boat, Starboard Boat.