Log: June 27, 1907

The CHARLES W. MORGAN was sailing on her 31st voyage just off of Durban in southern Africa under Capt. James A.M. Earle. The log entry states,“Strong SW winds at daylight. Squally. Ship on starboard tack heading SE by S(?). Finish boiling 5 a.m. after breakfast clean up decks and stow things away. Wash off ship. Noon wind moderates. Set upper topsails stood on starboard tack all day after dinner pump water and stowe oil 30 barrels. 6 p.m. wore round on port tack. Moderate. Breeze from SW. fine weather.”

This was a very troublesome voyage for Captain Earle. Continuous difficulties with a couple of the mates and boatsteerers finally led Earle to resign in July. He was succeeded by Hiram Nye and by the time the voyage ended, only about nine of the original crew remained aboard, the others having deserted or been fired by Earle.