Log: July 5, 1890.

The CHARLES W. MORGAN was sailing on her 16th voyage off the coast of Japan in the Sea of Okhotsk.  The Log entry for this day states, “The first part Calm. Mid part Light breeze from N N E  latter good wind from N.E. Ship on port tack all day. CAPE [HORN] PIGEON* in sight in Mor heading for Vladivostok. Saw plenty fin back & Sulfor Bottoms.**”

*The CAPE HORN PIGEON was a whaler built in South Dartmouth, MA in 1854. In 1890 she was sailing out of San Francisco. She was eventually lost of Hakodate, Japan in 1897.

**The term ‘sulfur bottom’ is used widely by early whalemen do describe blue whales.  Various small organisms and algae can develop on the undersides of blue whales giving their stomachs a yellowish appearance.