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Vol. 17.1 (2015)
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On June 15, 2014 the Charles W. Morgan set out on her historic 38th Voyage, a journey that took her as far as Stellwagen Bank, where she sailed amongst the whales. The Morgan returned to Mystic Seaport on August 6.

Mystic Seaport received an NEH grant to fund the educational component of the voyage. Part of the grant included sending scholars, artists, historians, scientists, journalists, teachers, musicians, and whaling descendants on each of the Morgan’s transits. Named “38th Voyagers,” the 85 participants, chosen from applicants from across the United States and overseas, slept aboard the Morgan the night before the transit, then spent the day at sea documenting their experience. Included in the 85 were the eight Melville scholars who share their reflections on the voyage in this special section of “Extracts.”

—Mary K. Bercaw Edwards
University of Connecticut

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"The radiant faces of my friends as this iconic vessel tied up at the wharf in New Bedford evoked pure joy, a deep and transcendent emotion, possibly akin to the realization of one’s best beloved returning home after a long and uncertain absence or a physical reaction to the unexpected fulfillment of a long-suspected desire."

Michael P. Dyer: Magic, Luck, and My Passage