Log: July 28, 1910.

The CHARLES W. MORGAN was sailing in the North Atlantic on her 32nd voyage. Charlotte Church, wife of Captain Charles Church states in the log for this day, “This day had light SW wind,  Ship under all ail – steering different courses to the East.  At 3 PM Mr. Frances raised a large sperm whale – lowered three boats – gave chase without success – whale going to the eastward.  Boats came on board – at 7:30 PM.  Mr. Christian* picked up a life bouy – cant make out name on it as yet.  Mr. Frances reports seeing a bottle – white – in the water also see three or four pieces of spars  today – caught one skip jack.**  Mast heads up all day.  Please the Lord we see and get whale tomorrow.  The name on bouy is Calyx – London)***   Saw Whale”


*George Parker Christian was the great-great grandson of Fletcher Christian of H.M.S. BOUNTY notoriety.

**Species of Tuna

***It is unknown what this reference to “Calyx – London” may mean.  Records show a vessel named the HMS Calyx, originally the SS Calypso and renamed the Calyx in 1914 that served as a British warship during World War I and was sunk by a German U-Boat in July of 1916, yet the timing and placement is enough to say that this is not the ship in question.