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OR, iframe of another web site

An iframe displaying a blog or other web site. Add the URL in a custom field below. The custom field’s Name is linkURL and the blog URL goes in the Value. This overrides anything that appears in this Content block.

Video embedding

Image preparation

Images must be cropped or reduced to a reasonable size and optimized for the web. Maximum size is a little bit flexible but width should be no more than about 1000px and maximum height about 700px. Images larger than this won’t display on most screens and just slow down the page load. WordPress will automatically make three reduced-size versions of the image: a thumbnail (100×100), a “medium” image that is used for the tiles (240px wide) and works well when included in text in the Content block, a “large” image that fills the full width of the Content block (640px wide). You will have a choice of which image size you want to include in your page after you upload it, but galleries use the full size images.

To “optimize for the web” you need image processing software. This is very important. PhotoShop (and several other Adobe products) work–they’re expensive unless you already have a copy. Acorn is cheap and works well on a Macintosh. You can also crop, resize and optimize images online using